5 Quick Tips To Sell Your Old Texas Home And Move

When considering moving residences there are several ways to get more value out of your old home so you can put more money down on your new mortgage. In the following article, we will discuss 5 simple ideas that you can use during your next move to sell your old Texas home for more money. That way you can be a leg up on your finances for your move. So without further ado here is 5 quick tips to sell your old home for more.

1. Research your market before listing

One of the biggest mistakes by sellers in the market today is undervaluing or overvaluing their property. Many homeowners put years into the equity they’ve built into their property and the sentimental attachment can be hard to get past when choosing a price point. Find out what homes in your area have sold in the last 3-6 months and gather intel on how much they sold for. Talk to real estate agents and consider having a property inspector come out and make an evaluation. This way you can list your home strategically and get the most money for its value.

2. Consider local amenities and conveniences

A simple tip that can help you get more for your home is to consider what school districts, libraries, and access to local markets and parks are available within a short drive of your home. These major attractions are another reason people buy for the top dollar versus the average cost of your home. If you reside close to features areas it could be a reason to increase your listing price.

3. High-quality photography

The number one way to capture a buyer’s attention is to have loads of well-edited and lighted photos of your home. Most pictures taken by real estate agents or homeowners do not compare to what a professional real estate photographer can do for your listing. Consider this. Homes with more than 10 photos listed that are professionally taken tend to sell almost 70% faster than those with poor or no photos. People are visual creatures and spending a couple of hundred dollars for good photography could help you sell for 2-3k more.

4. Get a home stager involved

Before taking your interior photos, consider hiring a home stager with experience selling homes. Home stagers are trained specifically in the art of staging a home to sell for more money. They are adept at maximizing the natural space you have to look elegant, spacious, and inviting. While most homeowners take much pride in the way they have designed their home, remember they have designed it according to their preference. A good home stager won’t rearrange based on your opinion but based on the local market and what buyers are truly interested in. A home stager may also recommend and perform minor repairs and upgrades to meet selling standards. While home staging is not cheap ($1-3k), their services could increase the selling value of your home by $5k+.

5. Talk with your mortgage company

There are many incentives and loan programs available for moving into your new home. Aside from all the activities mentioned to increase your selling value, you should also speak with your mortgage broker to find out which options at your new residence are available. You may discover lower down payments, or better rates on your monthly payments simply by having an honest discussion with your financial advisor.


Implementing the first 4 tips in this article will help you get more out of selling while talking with your mortgage advisor can find cheaper ways to afford your next home. We suggest you take the extra cash you earned on the sale and use it to lower your monthly payment by putting more down on your next purchase. In this way you make your money work for you. If you need to speak with a mortgage broker about the options available for your texas home loan, contact Texas Home Lending LLC and get honest and direct advice for your next move.